About Ogara

Food is culture. A reflection of our tradition, who we are and where we are from. It brings us together. Quenches the heart. Nourishes the mind. Soothes the soul. Treats the taste buds. And binds the bonds of love. Pursuing a cherished passion to nurture the traditional taste in Ogara. It means ‘Rice’ in Kannada - the staple food of Karnataka and an integral part in the life and times of the Dravidian Stage of India.

Ogara brings home the rich heritage of traditional masala mixes for your to instantly prepare the tasty, healthy cuisines of Karnataka. The delicious Quick Bites of Ogara, a treat to your taste buds, brings alive the lingering taste of timeless tradition in every bite.

Ogara's aim is to bring the quality of food products to every one's door step, as a result it has initiated the manufacturing unit of Indian spices, set up at an area of around 10000 sqft. producing many varieties of quality packed food enriching the taste of every dish at every place.

What gives Ogara Ready to Cook Mixes and Ogara Quick Bites the distinctive taste of tradition, is the finest traditional ingredients sourced from the rich fertile farms of India. And the expertise and know-how of making the authentic traditional recipes, generation after generation.

After all, isn’t variety the spice of life? Reason why Ogara is here for you.